My story begins in a little town in South Africa where my love for biltong and koeksisters came from. My journey was then relocated to the ‘City of Lights’, also known as Perth, Australia where my love for Design continued to grow and develop into my career. ‘The Big Smoke’ – London, was my next calling where I was given the opportunity to explore a different market. 

My next adventure took me to a place where the ocean meets the mountains, which I like to call ‘Raincouver’. I love to do anything creative and take inspiration from different cultures, sites and colours around me, which is reflected in my ideas and work.

When I’m not designing, I like to spend my time baking delicious goods, searching though Design and fashion blogs or planning my next dream holiday destination. Photography is one of my other passions that allows me to capture unique moments that enable me too see, learn, understand and share.